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The tour resume

The Greater Southern

The Greater Southern

The Adventure of Suprateam Travel began here in the South. We wanted to do a camel trek in the desert. We arrived at Goulmime, there were camels, but only for the production of meat not for treks. So we decided to tour the region with donkeys. Today we take these tracks and visit the entire region.

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Duration: 16 day(s)
From: 2200 € / 2970 CHF

Offer description

Tata, Akka, Assa, Smara Tan-Tan (The White Beach), Sidi Ifni, the sounding names, and the expanding spaces of the lonely desert, bending over the Atlantic. A daily animated story. Borders that do not exist but which are - according to the point of view - there and should be defended. We go to the south to understand and experience this extraordinary nature. A journey of recognition - in this form – to be ran for the first time.

The tour program

Day 1: Agadir
Arrival at Agadir Airport. Transfer to Taroudant. Overnight in an old castle transformed into a hotel.

Day 2: Agadir – Tata
Through the Anti Atlas to Tata. Climbing the mountains before descending to the desert that we are not leaving. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 3: Tata
Here we are in Tata which becomes hot in summer. So we put an entire trail system under ground. Interesting to see. We live here with date palms, and the irrigation is to be observed. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 4: Tata – Amtoudi
Through a lonely region while passing large dunes we reach Amtoudi. A French man has a hostel here. There are large rocks that permits to be defended. We took advantage of the situation and put a system of «Agadir» (fortified house to guard any equipment).

Day 5: Amtoudi
Today we visit these Agadirs during the hike. There are also water-shoot for those who want to swim.

Day 6: Goulmim
This is where Suprateam’s adventure began. We wanted to hike with camels. But they are not for rent here, but only for meat production. So we used donkeys. Overnight in Goulmim.

Day 7: Goulmim 
The market of camels here is the largest in Morocco. An opportunity to visit a market. A walk in the footsteps of Suprateam’s founders in the the afternoon.

Day 8: Goulmim – Smara 
Now the pioneering part of this journey begins. Smara, smashing a corner. It was five years ago only a small with old-time of dunes prisons and nothing else. To this time a huge current of development is taking place

Day 9: Smara
We want to exploit the region, want to live a little chat here and there and try to get a picture of the political backgrounds in order to leave with a better understanding of the circumstances. Two nights in a hotel in Smara

Day 10: Smara – Tan Tan 
Today swimming in the ocean is possible. Tan-Tan is the goal. Night at Tan-Tan. The seawater has a stable temperature throughout the year due to the underground running water

Day 11: Tan Tan
Fort Boujref is a very interesting story. A camp far from the next civilization. A doctor looking for water and found it. At first there was only a campsite grown into a restaurant and then a motel. Very interesting to see, experience and know the circumstances of the adventure.

Day 12: Tan Tan – Sidi Ifni
Again the Atlantic, Sidi Ifni, a former Spanish colony. We will arrive there in  the afternoon. Overnight in Sidi Ifni.

Day 13: Sidi Ifni
Landscapes around Sidi Ifni are of a great beauty. We will do a short tour before we immerse ourselves into the history of the town. Overnight in Sidi Ifni.

Day 14: Sidi Ifni – Tiznit
Tiznit is not too far. First visit to the Aglou beach where you will have a  delicious fish meal. Tiznit is the metropolis of silver smiths. Overnight in Tiznit.

Day 15: Tiznit
Pure nature today. Massa National Park. This park is a haven for many birds - on their way to and from Europe, as stopovers. At the evening a farewell dinner. Overnight in Tiznit.

Day 16: Tiznit – Agadir
Transfer to Agadir Airport. Departure.


Rates in Euros and CHF per person:

Min 6pax/Max 12pax
Person(s) 6 S.Sngl *
Price in € 2200 23
Price in CHF 2970 40
*S.Single: Supplement per person for a single room.
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The price elements


  • All overnight stays in places as specified above. Hotels also once ev 2 stars, depending on the availability. Half board in double room
  • All transfers with minibus
  • Drinking water throughout the trip
  • The trip is guided by The Supratean Travel’s CEO Edi
  • All tips and entrance fees to museums and other places

Not included

  • All personal expenses
  • All drinks except water
  • All insurances


A journey of pioneers to fascinating places with extraordinary special meetings accompanied by Edi who knows this country for more than 20 years. Min 8 max 12 participants.

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