The horses are Berber-Arab stallions, all sure-footed, well trained and experienced in local terrains as cost, hills and forests. We require a good level of experience and you should be familiar with all three gaits. Per day we spend an average of 5 to 6 hours in the saddle.

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Train du desert

A trip like no another! Discover the diversity and contrasts of Morocco by train, by bus, on foot. Visit the most beautiful cities in Morocco, parts of the Southern and Eastern mysticism ...

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And then Tinghir and its culture

And then: Tinghir and its culture

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Mint tea or Moroccan mint tea

The Origins. It is believed that green tea was first introduced to Morocco in the 18th century, and began spreading through the country in the mid-19th century at the time the trade between the Maghreb and Europe started flourishing. It is reported that Sultan Moulay Ismail received many bags of tea and sugar as gifts and recompenses given by European envoys in order to release European prisoners. The main provider of tea to Morocco remains China.

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Trekking M Goun

Trekkings have been always our passion. In all those years of our existence, we were always looking for something new, roads off the beaten track. The crossing of the M' Goun, from Ait Bougemez, the "Happy Valley" to Boutgharar, is one of our most appreciated trekking by our customers.

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  • Morocco adventure  and  culture

    We started our journey in Marrakech where we have two nights at the Riad? lived....

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  • Today's Morocco

    Morocco is an Arabic country in the North of Africa, simply means that Arabic is...

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  • The Ksours

    Ksar (ksour in plural) is a strengthened village which we find everywhere in the...

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  • Specials Destinations

    Tinghir and the Oriantal During our 20 years of experience in Morocco, we had k...

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